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Q&A with Local Lisa

Local Lisa
Local LisaLisa Whitman is the Lisa behind Local Lisa, a new daily-deal-and-more website that launches this month. Get an inside look at who Lisa is, things that bring her joy and the inspiration behind the new site.

Let’s start with the all-important shopping question. Paper or plastic?
The green thing to say is ‘recycled tote,’ which I do use, but I’ll admit, I love watching the folks at Trader Joe’s pack groceries into a paper bag. They either play a lot of Tetris or are all former professional movers. They elevate packing to an art form.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Native Hoosier. Wife, mom, business owner. Big advocate of naps.

How many kids?
Five. I know, right? Funny thing is, I never saw myself being a mom. I didn’t even really baby-sit. Now I look at them and think, I’m blessed.

What is the idea behind the website Local Lisa?
More time for what matters: family, friends, work, school. Local Lisa is intended to help women simplify and streamline their lives, especially in the areas of shopping and managing their homes.

Local or Loco?
(laughing) Both. Depends on the day.

What was the inspiration?
My friends and sisters. They’re all incredibly busy women who hardly have time to sort through their email, let alone discover every deal on the Internet. Remember those 1940’s His Girl Friday movie characters who waltz in with a pad of paper and rattle off the most important information of the day? Meeting at 10, lunch with client, presentation at 2, etc. Local Lisa is the modern day Girl Friday but with deals, sales, events and ideas.

What’s on the site?
Local Lisa’s daily deal, my top 10 favorite national deals (from places like Groupon, Living Social, etc.), video product reviews, and other tips and information.

What’s your goal?
To be a one-stop site for busy women.

One thing people don’t know about you:
I don’t like to shop! I know that sounds crazy. Let me explain. I love to find deals and share ideas, but drop me off at the mall and tell me to spend the day ‘shopping’ and I’ll end up at the bookstore with a novel.

Favorite food:

Favorite scent:
Eucalyptus. Aveda’s Rosemary and Mint shampoo. Clean sheets. Freshly bathed kids.

Favorite Moments:
House is quiet. Kids are sleeping. Work is put away. And my husband and I can talk without interruption. I think this has happened once in the past two years.

What’s on your nightstand?
A book by Anne Lamott. A book by Mary Pipher. IW magazine. Two toddler barrettes. And a cough drop.

What gives you joy?
When all of my kids, including my teenagers, decide to have a flash dance party in the kitchen after dinner. I love to see them laugh together –– and then of course it gets loud and raucous-y, and I have to send them to the basement.

How can we find out about Local Lisa?
LocalLisa.com. Facebook. Twitter. Or stop me in the grocery store. I’m there a lot too.

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