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Let Her Shine

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Local LisaClaire.
Her name means “clear and bright.”
She has my eyes –– and nothing else. Thank goodness.
I am a pleaser, a yes-girl and a smoother-over.
Claire is a fist-raiser, a lobbyist and a fierce advocate.
Just what I prayed for.
I’d like to raise her in a world with no mirrors, so that the only reflection she sees is me, telling her she’s amazing.
I am no different than any mother, guardian, aunt, grandmother or teacher who wants to wrap a cloak of wisdom and strength around our girls.
Or put on those fabulous Wonder Woman bracelets and unwaveringly deflect every hurtful comment, every criticism and every wound.
You aren’t pretty enough. (Bam!) You aren’t smart enough. (Whap!) You aren’t thin enough. (Kapow!)

We have eight mirrors in our house. I counted.
Far too many opportunities for her to stare, scrutinize, do that inevitable sideways turn to glance at her stomach and promptly decide she doesn’t look like someone on Teen Nick.

And that, my friends, is why it is my goal, passion and determined mission to introduce her to women of substance.
Leaders, philanthropists, writers, scientists, artists, musicians –– women who have changed the world with their ideas and character. Women whose stories are shared in this very magazine.
Look at this kid.
She absolutely believes she can conquer the world. A beacon of light.
Shine on, girl. Shine on.

Here are some ways to empower the girls in your life:

Spoken Word
• Sarah Kay: “For My Daughter”
• Maya Angelou: “The Power of Words”
• Katie Makkai: “Pretty” (strong language warning)

The Hidden World of Girls with Tina Fey

Girls Inc.
Start Strong Teens
Global Girlfriend
Women and Girls Lead
Miss Representation
The My Hero Project –– Women Heroes
The Daughters Project/Sophia’s Bridal

Heroes for My Daughter by Brad Meltzer
Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher

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