Company History

From day one nearly 18 years ago, the mission at Indianapolis Woman magazine has been to educate, motivate and inspire women in a proactive way. Our audience of more than 150,000 monthly readers is diverse in every way. No matter the race, gender, age, religious beliefs or political beliefs – Indianapolis Woman has always delivered our readers a clear, informative and honest message of inspiration.

Now completing our 18 year of publication Indianapolis Woman was founded in 1994 by Mary Weiss. It is published and produced by its parent company Weiss Communications, Inc. Mary has long been a leading advocate for women and children’s health. She serves as an Advisory Board member for the Indiana Office of Women’s Health, Indiana State Department of Health; on the board of directors of the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce and Ambassadors for Children and is a life member of St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild. She continues to work tirelessly to educate, motivate and inspire the women of Central Indiana.

Through Mary’s efforts and those of a highly talented staff, Indianapolis Woman has forged hundreds of community partnership and health-focused initiatives over the years. Partnerships with the Indiana State Department of Health, Susan G. Komen Foundation, American Heart Association and Indiana Black Expo, to name a few, have helped provide valuable information to the people of Indianapolis and helped to raise large amounts of supportive funding for these causes.

Indianapolis Woman is 86% woman-owned. It has the largest circulation of any Indiana consumer magazine. The magazine’s readers have come to trust the message it delivers, a message that continually uplifts readers by sharing stories about real women. Women who have beaten the odds to overcome illnesses, climbed the corporate ladder, made significant contributions to their community — women who can educate, motivate and inspire the readers of Indianapolis Woman.

Diversity is a key component to the structure of Indianapolis Woman. Its diverse staff includes women and men of many different ethnicities and a wide range of ages, truly representative of our diverse community. Employees are encouraged to engage and participate in the community outside the workplace.

Indianapolis Woman has been the recipient of numerous national, regional and local awards for excellence in a variety of categories. Our publication occupies a very unique position in the marketplace — a position of respect, trust and reliance, on the part of readers, organizations and community leaders.

A vital part of our city, Indianapolis Woman is committed to the enhancement of our diverse and growing community.

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